Atlanta App Developer

I'm a freelance app developer based in Atlanta, GA. Please shoot me a note if you are interested in developing an app or just want to talk about your idea.

What does obecnie mean?
The short answer is that it's a Polish word meaning "this moment in time". I chose the name for my company as a tribute to my Polish roots.

- Ken




Full Service Development.  I can take your app idea from feasibility to the App Store.  

    • Project feasibility and design session
    • Wireframing the design so we can start to see the look and feel of your app
    • Project management plan so you can track development milestones
    • We’ll set you up on the App store
    • Interim builds that you install on your iPhone or iPad so you can see it coming together
    • Manage the App Store submission and approval process


Supplement your  team.  Already have developers, but need some more cycles?

I’ve been brought in on a few projects to pick up a piece of the development.  I use GIT for team collaboration and chances are that I have direct experience coding what you want to accomplish. 

    • Social integration of Facebook and Twitter
    • Cocos2d game engine
    • Animating an interface to add a little wow to boring data presentation
    • Pulling data from web services (in a background thread of course)
    • MapKit, geocoding and annotation pins
    • Core Data
    • Image and  video presentation


Fix your broken app or add a new feature.

If you already have an app that just isn’t working or you want to add a new feature, I can take your existing code and give it a tune-up.  

    • Find leaks that cause an app to crash or slow down.
    • Add threading to make the UI more responsive for the user
    • Track down mystery crashes
    • Internationalize your app.  Add new language support .



Ken Icklan