Atlanta App Developer

I'm a freelance app developer based in Atlanta, GA. Please shoot me a note if you are interested in developing an app or just want to talk about your idea.

What does obecnie mean?
The short answer is that it's a Polish word meaning "this moment in time". I chose the name for my company as a tribute to my Polish roots.

- Ken


“I found Ken’s website while looking for a local app developer that I could meet face to face and trust for an app concept I had thought up as a random idea.  Ken did not disappoint.  Not only is Ken incredibly trustworthy, his ability to understand the concepts I was trying to accomplish as well as talk through the feasibility, creation and execution and marketing of the app were phenomenal.  Ken was able to work with me throughout the process and was always available for feedback and troubleshooting along the way.

He is a great asset and I am incredibly glad I was able to find him and highly recommend him to anyone.”

Carl Scaffidi – All My Gifts

“Ken continues to develop for our brand We consider him a huge asset to our company! Ken is always on time and delivers wonderful quality. He is an honest and hard working developer! Several top selling apps attribute to his abilities and success. He is an excellent team member in the AuthorMobile family. I would recommend him for any IOS project.” 
Service Category: Developer
Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

Jake Press – Owner

“I found Ken when searching for an iOS developer to finish a project that was behind schedule. He responded to my email quickly, set up a call for the next morning, and delivered finished code that evening. I made the decision to hire him instantly on the call when he not only asked about potential user interface obstacles but also offered potential solutions as he walked through what we were asking him to code. He’s one of very few developers I’ve worked with recently who not only grasps the technical side but also considers the user and business aspects when developing.

Ken also has great communication skills and was very easy to work with. In this case, we had a brief requirements document but as it was a partially completed project, he had to pick up in the middle and determine what remained. Ken called throughout the day with both questions on how to proceed and suggestions on additional functionality.

All in all, it was a great experience working with Ken and I’ll definitely be throwing more work his way (and yes, with more reasonable turnaround times!).”

Julie Longino – Partner TSO Studios

“You are an incredibly talented person on so many fronts and it has been a privilege and joy to work with you on such a beautiful piece of art and technology. You are really quite amazing.”

Dr. Kathleen Hall – Founder, C.E.O. The Mindful Living Network & The Stress Institute


“Ken has worked for my mobile applications development business on a number of small and large projects. Ken has an excellent understanding of iOS mobile application development and has provided well structured and efficient coding. Ken has a great character and working relationship with his customers. He is honest, fair, and trustworthy which make him a pleasure to work with. Ken has also mentored me in iOS in a patient and tutorial manner. I would definitely hire Ken on an on-going basis as my business dictates.” Service Category: IT Consultant Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time

Larry Brambrut – Founder / Creative Leader VeryMobileApps – VP of Technology at Greater Atlanta ASTD

“I highly recommend Ken Icklan for any iOS developer position in your organization.  Over the last two years Ken has worked on three projects for me at WidgetPress.  His work was always exceptional.  Of particular note are the contributions he made to our flagship app, FormEntry.

FormEntry enables the user to create custom form based apps on their iPad, iPhone and iPod touch without coding.  The user has three options to send completed forms from their device:  email, HTML web post or JSON web post.  Ken was brought in to improve the user experience and fix some bugs.  He jumped in and quickly grasped existing complex code.  Time consuming processing and web interaction were streamlined and put into background threads to improve UI responsiveness.   Alerts and progress elements were added to the interface to provide user feedback.  Ken also improved memory management by proactively hunting down leaky code.  His code is well tested, well documented and reusable.

In addition to his excellent development and design skills, Ken is a great team player.  He is enthusiastic and works well independently.  Ken has considerable iOS knowledge and I can assure you that he will be an effective member of your team and a valuable asset in your organization. If you would like any more information about Ken, please feel free to contact me.”

Jonathan Freeman – Founder WidgetPress