Atlanta App Developer

I'm a freelance app developer based in Atlanta, GA. Please shoot me a note if you are interested in developing an app or just want to talk about your idea.

What does obecnie mean?
The short answer is that it's a Polish word meaning "this moment in time". I chose the name for my company as a tribute to my Polish roots.

- Ken


  • Mindful Moments

    The Mindful Living Network wanted an app to drive traffic to their website. Mindful Moments updates itself right from the users WordPress website so content is always fresh and quickly updated. In-App notifications remind users to open the app every day when a new daily moment is available. A video section presents all the latest videos from a YouTube channel. Videos can be updated in real time. This was truly a great project to get to work on.

  • MSP

    Canvas Magazine needed an app to allow print and marketing service providers to quickly locate resources for their business. The MSP app allows users to quickly search hundreds of printers, graphic providers and equipment manufacturers.

  • mobileEDGE

    Enterprise app built for RockTenn. App enables the user to demonstrate how a corrugated display will look when loaded with products. Product images drag and drop into the display.

  • TSO Studios

    Added capability to take a video of your self learning new Skate tricks and upload to Facebook. Very Cool!

  • AuthorMobile

    Developer of Author Mobile interactive book apps. Features: Twitter and Facebook sharing of selected content Advanced search functions ‘Time to read’ notifications

  • Kids Books

    Developed a super cool kids book platform for iPad and iPhone. Built using cocos2d, this book has a lot of animations and games.

  • SolutionBuilt

    Enterprise iPad app used to manage client’s real estate holdings. Information about each property is stored on remote server and presented to field agents for review and update.


    Converted existing iPhone based sales training tool to iPad. Refactored views and navigation using a SplitViewController to take advantage of additional iPad screen area.

  • Form Entry

    Unified iPhone/iPad app that allows users to create a form on their Mac and push it to their mobile device over the air. Provided design, development and testing for client requested upgrades to app already available in the app store. Implemented improved UI design and user feedback.

  • Guided Alfresco

    iPad app that presents case study documents, recorded screen casts, videos and PowerPoint presentations to users demonstrating the client’s Enterprise Content Management product. All content is stored on remote servers and streamed directly to the app.

  • Intown Expert

    Developed view based app for local real estate business. Unified iPhone/iPad app developed in two weeks provides images and information about 65 Atlanta area neighborhoods. Provides bios and testimonials for real estate agents in the office.

  • Metal Fingers

    Fun app that animates rock and roll Metal Fingers on your iPhone or iPod touch. User can select a metal finger style, speed and size.

  • SiteScout

    App developed for location scouts to catalog location information. Users can map a location from built-in GPS, photo EXIF, or an address search bar. Geocodes lat/long into physical address. Unique nested folder tableview uses custom gesture recognizers for data sorting. User can attach multiple images, notes and contacts from their address book to each saved location.

  • Obemo

    iPhone App that stores notes, photos and locations, featured by Apple as “New and Noteworthy” in iTunes. Uses Core Data storage. Fully customized views and screen animations. Uses location services, image picker, email interface and Google geocoding. Custom map annotations and a Google Map API interface allow the user to tap a pin and load their saved location into Google Maps for turn by turn directions.

  • Cocoa Camp

    Provided pro bono development for 2010 Atlanta Cocoa Camp app. Conference attendees used the app to review speaker schedules, exchange contact information, post twitter updates and post real time updates to the conference Flickr page. Team of seven developers worked on app using Git for version control over a period of eight weeks. Responsible for development of the Flickr interface and real time updates. Used UIImagePicker to capture images from a camera or from the user photo album.

  • Tandzorg Plaza

    Coming Soon!